4 Tips for Assembling Your Own Trampoline

4 Tips for Assembling Your Own Trampoline

Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to put together your own trampoline? How do all the parts go together? However, the assembly of the trampoline is fairly straightforward, I would say that most DIYers with basic tool knowledge could successfully assemble this with proper planning. The most difficult thing was getting everything … Read more

6 Tips to Keep a Trampoline from Rusting

6 Tips to Keep a Trampoline From Rusting

Rusting is one of the most common problems with trampolines. Rusting makes the springs lose their elasticity and they can’t be bounced on anymore. Knowing how to keep the trampoline from rusting eliminates the need to repair the trampoline. The most important places to prevent rust are the springs, frame and leg joints which are … Read more

best Trampoline brand

Best Trampoline Brands 2021 – Top Rated 6 Suggestions

Having the best quality trampoline at your home can be reassuring to you and the whole family. The best trampoline on the market has several uses – such as promoting health! Trampolines can be used to exercise. According to research, jumping on a trampoline is the same as jogging. This provides great aerobic exercise, increases … Read more

How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

Knowing about the trampoline weight limit is essential whether you’re buying a new trampoline or using an existing one. Knowing the trampoline weight limit can help you in multiple ways. Before we go into why you should know the same, we will help you understand the actual trampoline weight limit. How Much Weight Can A … Read more

How To Measure Trampoline Mat?

How to Choose and Measure a Trampoline?

Because of the popularity of trampolines, you will find that more and more fitness companies have manufactured their own models and varieties. And as such, looking for the best trampoline to buy can sometimes be difficult. But the most important factor to consider is actually the trampoline sizes. Buying a trampoline that has a size … Read more

in ground trampoline vs above ground

In Ground Trampoline Vs Above Ground Trampoline

Trampoline is one of the best ways to keep children occupied and have fun throughout the year. Trampolines come in various designs, shapes, colors, tension, size and safety features. Selecting a perfect choice is a hectic process that requires some serious considerations. One of the most important factors to known is when best to choose … Read more

Is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Money?

Is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Money?

As some people say, when it comes to trampolines, it’s the springs that make the magic happen. The amount of force put on the springs determines the resulting bounce, making them integral components of the said leisure equipment. However, springs also tend to be one of the most dangerous parts of these playthings. Their movements … Read more