Trampoline Prices – How Much Will this Equipment Cost You?

Perhaps you are in the process of looking for trampolines, yet, you have no idea how much this equipment will cost you. Whether you are planning on using it for recreation or for fitness purposes, the equipment is such a great investment. It has become so popular all over the world that you will see it in the backyard of various homes everywhere you go.

Because of the popularity of this equipment, you will now find countless of them being sold on the internet. Yet, before you go on to making a purchase, it is best to have some knowledge about trampoline prices. This is for you to know how much money you should prepare for such investment.

How Much is a Trampoline?

Now that I have given you the answer, it will be different and the cost will depend on many factors.

  • What size do you want?
  • What security features do you need?
  • How important are quality and life?
  • What accessories do you want that are not included (maybe basketball hoops or items to winterize your trampoline)
  • What shape of the trampoline are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for something of a particular color?

When you think about all this, you’ll narrow your search for the perfect trampoline.

Prices Could Vary

You need to remember that the price of the trampoline would greatly vary depending on several factors. It could range from $150 to as much as $1,000. There are several factors that could affect the price of the trampoline.

Shape and Style

shape of the Trampoline

The first and most important thing that determines the cost of the trampoline is the shape and style.

Trampolines are round, oval and square in shape. Rectangular trampolines are also common.

However, both adults and children like round trampolines. The price of round trampolines is better than other trampolines.

The type of materials used and the quality are also factors that could affect trampoline prices. The features, accessories and components could also affect the price of a trampoline.


Do you want your trampoline to have a safety net to protect your children? You can also choose from a variety of enclosures. Trampoline contains safety features that will affect the price, so you should remember this before buying a trampoline, so as to ensure the safety of you and your family.


The quality of trampolines and their brands play a vital role in determining prices.

You should remember that high-quality trampolines tend to last longer and safer. You should choose a high-quality trampoline, even if its price is slightly higher than you expected. In the long run, this will help reduce costs.

Trampoline AccessoriesTrampoline Covers

Many trampoline brands have a set of additional accessories, but few brands do not. As we all know, the accessories attached to the trampoline will affect the price of this equipment.

You can buy a tent or a basketball hoop, or anything else to make sure your children have a good time every time they play on the trampoline. It will obviously cost you a little more, but you will find it worth it.

Average Trampoline cost: $418

Trampoline is definitely not the cheapest commodity on Amazon. The average price is $418. Generally speaking, the cheapest high-quality trampoline you can buy costs about $230. In contrast, the most expensive trampoline costs about $900. The price seems to depend mostly on the size of the trampoline. The most common trampoline is 15 feet in diameter and costs close to average. Trampolines larger than 15 feet cost $800 or more.

Trampoline Cost by Size

How much you spend on a trampoline depends largely on its size. Generally speaking, the 8-foot trampoline is the smallest you can buy, usually no more than $300. The average price on Amazon is $240. Although 8 feet seems to be a moderate size for trampolines, 8 feet is only suitable for one or two children. Therefore, if you have one or two children (under the age of 4), an 8-foot trampoline is OK.

Trampoline size Average price
8 feet $240
12 feet $369
15 feet $452

If you have older children, you will need a larger trampoline, which may be 12 feet or more. At this point, you need to spend at least $300 to get a high-quality trampoline.

Basic Trampolines

If you are a beginner on trampolines and you need one both for recreation and fitness, then the trampoline’s best price for this variety is $150 to $300. But then again, this is the most basic of all trampolines and if you want the type that comes with several features, such as a safety net, trampoline enclosures, and other components, then you can expect to pay more. A trampoline that is made from the most excellent materials and is complete with all the safety features could cost around $200 and may go up to $500 and even more.

Before you go on to purchase a trampoline, it is best to determine how much a trampoline is. There are so many different brands and varieties of trampolines these days so it is sometimes difficult to find something that suits you if you don’t know what you are looking for. If you need the trampoline for recreational purposes then expect to pay around $250 – $500, this is a fair price and any less would more than likely mean cheap parts are used and these types of products should be avoided.

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