How to Measure a Trampoline of Any Shape?

If you have a trampoline at home, which has lost its tags or an old trampoline and you need to replace its parts then it can be a tricky situation.

The main question which will come to your mind is basically where to start from?

One of the best and surest ways of doing so is to accurately measure your trampoline. This will be of great help in replacing the parts even if you are unaware of the trampoline’s brand. These measurements can be used for looking for the specific parts of different brands which are of similar size and shape.

This measurement also plays a major role in moving the trampoline outdoors or indoors. It is important to understand that the different steps of measuring the frame and mat of the trampoline vary according to their different shapes.

Why Do You Need to Measure the Frame of the Trampoline?

This can be of great help in finding out the right kind of safety pad, enclosure netting or spring cover for the trampoline. For the purpose of trying to find out the measurement for a specific shape, you need to skip down to the section below where I effectively cover the measurements of oval, round, square, rectangular or other odd-shaped trampolines.

What is the Need to Count the Rings and Measure the Springs?

These calculations can be used for finding out the spring size accurately and also to figure out the trampoline’s mat size.

Important Things to be Considered While Measuring a Trampoline:


  • Always make it a point to take multiple measurements so that the trampoline and its various parts can be measured. This is important so that you get the right number.
  • It is very important to count the spring holes or rings for the trampoline constantly till you get the identical count at least a few times.
  • It is vital to keep the measure of your tape centered and straight when you plan to measure the trampoline’s diameter. And it is important so that you can make sure that the tape is perfectly aligned.
  • It is important to get an accurate measurement of the trampoline’s springs, ring count and frame just in case you plan to measure the older trampoline mat. This is important in case the mat is torn or worn out.
  • It is easier to measure the mats of the trampoline when these are attached or detached from the trampoline. Just in case you plan to take the measurement on the floor always keep in mind that it is flat so that the measurements are accurate.

How to Calculate Rings and Measure Trampoline Springs?

How to Calculate Rings and Measure Trampoline Springs

You need to be clear about one thing that it is time to replace the trampoline’s springs if your equipment has lost the bounce.

For measuring the springs you will have to remove at least three of the springs. When the springs are not stretched you need to take measurements from the hook to the end while both the hooks are intact. This process needs to be repeated similarly for the other springs also and this is important for ensuring that the measurements which you have got are correct.

The unit for your measurements has to be inches. So you can either calculate the total number of the trampoline’s springs or the spring attachments holes which are seen around the frame’s perimeter can also be calculated.

How can you Measure the Frame Size in the case of a Round Trampoline?


The outside diameter of the frame is measured in the case of a round trampoline. But the mat is not measured. Use a tape measure.

A helper can be of great help as he can hold the tape at one end while you are walking towards the opposite ends. You can start from one side of the room and will have to cross the trampoline’s center to reach the other side of the room.

This needs to be repeated from the other side of the frame also and then you have to take the average of the two measurements.

Measuring the Round Trampoline’s Mat:

You need to calculate the outside diameter of your trampoline if you wish to change the mat. You need to start from one end of the mat’s fabric to the other. Also the total number of springs needs to be calculated.

Measuring the size of the Frame for an Oval Trampoline:


This is an excellent model and it combines the safety features of the round trampolines and the amazing performance of the rectangular types. Its width is reduced and is perfect for those places which are not very large.

For determining its dimensions you need to find the width of its shortest side. Then the width of the longest side needs to be measured.

Measuring the Mat of the Oval Trampoline:

For this, you will have to find out the greatest width for the mat’s longest side and then all the way to that point when you see the springs touching the mat. The same process has to be carried out for the shortest side also. You will have to find out the frame and springs measurement and the ring count.

Hopefully, the above mentioned instructions will help you in finding out some of the measurements of your trampoline which will help you in replacing the accessory or the replacement part with great ease. Also, these help inbuying a trampoline.

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