How to Choose and Measure a Trampoline?

Because of the popularity of trampolines, you will find that more and more fitness companies have manufactured their own models and varieties. And as such, looking for the best trampoline to buy can sometimes be difficult.

But the most important factor to consider is actually the trampoline sizes. Buying a trampoline that has a size bigger than the area where you plan to install it can be a disaster. So before you begin your search, here are the different sizes of trampolines that are available for you to choose from.

Trampoline Sizes

Round Arrangement

The round shape is the most basic and the most common type of all trampolines. They are mostly favored by a lot of people simply because of their usefulness and that it has an area wide enough to accommodate several bouncers. The round trampolines have a size that ranges from 8 feet to 14 feet.

Rectangular Range

There are several rectangular shaped trampolines that you can find in the market these days and of all the trampoline sizes, it is these types of trampolines that usually have huge sizes. They are often used by professional athletes and gymnasts for their training regimens.

Although there are rectangular trampolines that can be installed at home, most of them are found in the gym. The most common size is 7 feet by 10 feet and there are even those that are so huge that it could accommodate several individuals.

Various Sizes

Whether you choose the round or the rectangular shape, these types of trampolines are available in different sizes. Here are the trampoline sizes that you can choose from.

Eight feet

trampolines that measure eight feet are popular and thus, several brands have established an eight feet range of trampoline. They are great for indoor use and especially for small kids.

Ten feet

A ten feet trampoline is ideal for kids as well since it’s not too big but not too small. Trampolines of this size usually have lower frames and come with safety nets and can be installed indoors.

Twelve feet

The twelve feet trampolines are among those trampoline sizes that are often installed in the backyard or in the garden. They could accommodate up to two bouncers at a time, ideal for both teens and small kids.

Fourteen feet

The fourteen feet varieties are among the biggest trampolines that you can install at home. Due to its huge size, it is often installed outdoors or in the gym. It offers the maximum amount of strength and control and could accommodate up to three bouncers at a time.

How To Measure Trampoline Mat?

Once you buy a trampoline, you might think that you will have to look at the specifications of the trampoline. In certain cases, that is true.

Many times, you might need to measure a trampoline mat. The reasons for the same can be quite a few.

Before we go into these reasons, it is time to understand how to measure a trampoline mat. Only when you are aware of the same, you can go ahead and get accurate measurements.

The exact method to measure a trampoline mat can vary depending on the type of trampoline.

Worry not!

We will go into the measurement techniques which you can use according to the shape of the trampoline. Once you go through the article below, there will be no confusion regarding how you can measure the trampoline mat.

1. Round Trampoline:

Round trampoline measure

To correctly measure the mat dimension of the round trampoline, you need to get 4 different measurements. We will highlight these four below.

1. The 1st measurement which you need to do is the diameter of the frame. You need to measure this from one end of the trampoline to the other end. You should do so straight across so that there is no deviation in the measurement.

2. Thereafter, you have to measure the fabric diameter of the mat. This is the actual mat which you need. In case you’re planning to replace the mat, this is the most important measurement.

3. It is also a good idea to measure the spring length as well. You need not measure this for all the springs. Once you get the spring measurements, you have to verify them. The best way to verify it is to subtract the 1st measurement from the 2nd one. The result is the length of the spring. That is a sure shot way to ascertain the length of the spring which you have measured.

4. Lastly, you have to count the springs as well. If you plan to replace the springs along with the mat, the number of springs will come in handy.

When dealing with a rounded trampoline mat, these are the four measurements that will help you measure it.

2. Rectangular Trampoline:

Now, we will highlight the procedure which will help you measure the mat of a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular trampoline Measure

1. Measuring the length of a rectangular trampoline is easy. The 1st measurement which you need to take is the length of the mat.

2. After that, you have to measure the width of the mat.

3. You have to get the length of the spring as well. Measuring the length of a couple of springs is more than enough. One should be from the long side, and one should be from the breadth side. Usually, all the springs are of equal length.

4. Then, you have to count the springs.

Thus, when you want to measure the rectangular trampoline mat, this is the procedure that you have to follow.

3. Oval trampoline:

Measuring the mat over the trampoline will require more effort.

1. Firstly, here to measure the frame of the trampoline starting with the longest side. After that, you have to do so for the shorter side.

2. Once you know the frame’s dimensions, now is the time to measure the actual mat. You have to follow the same procedure as in step 1.

3. After that, you have to count the springs.

4. Then, you have to get the measure of spring length.

While this might seem a bit cumbersome, this is the only way to measure the mat size if you have an Oval trampoline.

4. Other Trampolines:

While these 3 are the most popular shapes of a trampoline but they are not the only ones. If you have a trampoline of some other shape, the procedure to measure the mat is as follows.

1. The very 1st thing which you will have to do is to measure the frame. You can measure it diagonally from one corner to another. You have to repeat this procedure from another corner as well, just to be double sure.

2. After that, you have to measure the mat. The procedure should be the same as measuring the frame. You have to double-check it by taking two measurements.

3. You have to measure the springs as well. Additionally, you have to subtract the 1st measurement from the 2nd measurement to double verify the length of the spring.

4. Lastly, you have to count the springs to know how many trampoline springs need replacement.

Thus, irrespective of the type of trampoline you have, our guide above will undoubtedly help you measure the same.

Wondering why you might need to measure a trampoline mat?

We will cover the likely reasons below.

Why is the Measurement of a Trampoline Mat Important?

Why is the Measurement of a Trampoline Mat Important?

There are essentially three reasons why you might need to measure a trampoline mat. We will cover all three below.

1. For easy replacement:

If the mat suffers from extensive wear and tear, you might have to buy a new mat. To buy a new mat, you will, of course, need to know the measurement of the mat. Only then will you be able to choose the correct one.

Our guide above also helps you understand how to measure the springs. That way, replacing the mat with a newer one would not be an issue.

2. For safe use:

Whether adults are using the trampoline or kids, they will, of course, be on the mat. Many times, the trampoline might get overcrowded.

The best way is to know the dimensions of the mat. Once you know the dimensions of the mat, it is easy to understand how many individuals can use it simultaneously. That way, you won’t have to worry about overcrowding or injuries.

3. To get a cover:

If you’re planning not to use the trampoline regularly, you will need to buy a cover for the same.

To buy a cover for the trampoline, you need to know the dimensions of the frame and the mat.

Our guide above will help you know about these. That is why the task of buying the cover for the trampoline will be easy.

These are the three likely reasons why you might need to measure a trampoline mat.

So, measuring the trampoline mat is not a difficult task. All you need to do is follow the guide above according to the type of trampoline you have. Once you follow the guide above, measuring the trampoline mat is easy. After that, you can utilize these measurements for whatever application you wish.

Trampoline Safety

Trampoline Safety

Regardless of the trampoline sizes, safety should be given utmost priority when looking for the best trampolines in the market.

Some of the more expensive varieties come with the most innovative technology and are highly developed and improved in order to provide the best entertainment for you and your kids.

It is also important that you measure the area where you intend to install the trampoline so you will know the most ideal size to buy.

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