Trampoline Safety: 7 Safety Precautions You Aren’t Following

How much do you really know about trampoline safety? Trampoline was quite popular with kids and teens, and even adults. It can certainly be fun to jump on them and do various tricks such as somersaults.

However, it’s important to note that trampolines can also be quite dangerous. This can result from different issues, such as the jumpers slipping, falling awkwardly on the surface, or accidentally walking or jumping off the side of the trampoline’s surface.

This can result in various injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones, and from sprains to concussions. This highlights the need to take certain precautions to help prevent such accidents from happening.

1. Examine the Mat

It’s important to give the trampoline mat a check from time to time. Make sure that the mat doesn’t have any tears or holes. A common mistake that trampoline owners often make is using electrical tape to cover a tear or hole. The problem is that it won’t help the trampoline to work normally.


The reason is that when there’s a tear it can cause the trampoline to have less spring. It could cause a harder landing, which could cause various problems for the trampoline user.

2. Keep the Trampoline Mat Clear and Clean

This is one of the most important steps to take in terms of safety. Make sure that various types of debris are cleared off the trampoline’s mat. They include sticks, leaves, toys, and other items. These can cause jumpers to slide on the trampoline mat, land awkwardly, trips over an item, or even fall off the trampoline.

It’s important to note that even small items such as leaves can cause injuries, so it’s critical to remove them from the trampoline mat. It will help to make sure that the trampoline mat is as safe as possible. On the other hand, when there are items on the trampoline such as leaves or sticks, they can increase the chance of the trampoline user slipping or worse.

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3. Inspect the Springs

You should do this periodically to make sure that the springs are in good shape. Make sure that each and every spring is attached to the trampoline’s structure. The reason is that loose springs can affect how the trampoline moves and might cause someone to fall off the unit if the strings become loose while the trampoline is in use.

Another issue is that when springs are missing it could result in the trampoline mat getting torn, which is another situation you’ll want to avoid.

4. Install the Trampoline in the Ground


This is a simple yet effective way to reduce trampoline injuries. That’s because it reduces the distance from the trampoline mat to the ground below. You can find some special kits that can help to complete the process, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

5. Upgrade with Accessories

This is a simple yet effective method for making the trampoline safer. For example, you can cover the edges/springs of the trampoline with padding. It will help prevent kids from slipping/falling through spaces between the unit’s springs. It will also make the trampoline’s edges softer to prevent injuries.

You can also add a safety enclosure net surrounding the trampoline. This is a very effective way to boost the safety of the trampoline. Make sure the net’s bars are padded well to prevent injuries from happening.

6. Set Trampoline Rules

It’s important that clear rules be set for trampoline jumpers. This should be combined by making sure that an adult is always supervising children who jump on the trampoline.

One of the most important ones is to only allow one child on the trampoline at a time. The reason is that most injuries happen when there are multiple children jumping on the trampoline.

There are other rules that should be enforced. They include:

  • No pets
  • Staying on top of the trampoline
  • No toys on the trampolines
  • No eating/drinking
  • Nobody under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • No toys
  • No fancy moves such as somersaults or flips

7. Verify that the Trampoline is Level

This is another important check to make on a trampoline. The reason is that it can cause various safety problems. In particular it could cause the jumper to land in an awkward way, or even fall off the trampoline.

The most obvious way to solve the problem is that the trampoline is on level ground. However, it’s just as important to make sure that the trampoline itself is steady on the surface. If it seems wobbly, it’s important to solve the problem as soon you can, in order to prevent injuries.

These are some of the most effective safety tips you can use for trampolines. It’s important to keep in mind that implementing the tips won’t mean there’s a 100% chance that nobody will get hurt on the trampoline. However, it will certainly help to decrease the chances of injuries, and also help to prevent serious injuries.

To put everything in a nutshell, it’s important to follow the basic yet effective “safety first” when you have a trampoline at your home. It can definitely be a fun place for kids and teens to play. However, one injury can end the fun for everyone.

It goes without saying that many of the tips include rules that kids might not enjoy. Young children might also not understand why there has to be rule. However, if you follow these basic tips you can help to ensure that everyone’s safe and fun jumping on the trampoline.

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