What to Look For in A Water Trampoline

Water trampolines have grown increasingly popular over the last few years. There is nothing more fun than going to the lake or beach on a hot day and jumping around on a trampoline like a kid. This content will help you decide on whether or not a water trampoline is right for youand what to look for when purchasing one.

What Is A Water Trampoline?

Trampolines for the water have many similarities and differences from a regular trampoline. Much like a regular trampoline, a trampoline in the water affords both children and adults the opportunity to bounce up and down while performing aerial moves. For the novice jumper, jumping up and down can feel much like flying and be quite rewarding. And for more advanced and fearless jumpers, they can do amazing tricks while in the air.

When you are looking for a trampoline for your lake, you want to consider a multitude of factors. First and foremost, how much would it cost? Secondly, what features and benefits would it provide your family? And thirdly, what brands were considered good and safe for those that would be jumping on your trampoline?


Having a trampoline in the water is different than a trampoline in your backyard. While trampolines in the water may have a little less bounce than regular trampolines, they can be considerably less dangerous.

In some instances, people have gone over the edge of trampolines in their backyard, and landed dangerously on the surrounding ground. But with a trampoline in the water, if you get too close to the edge and go off the trampoline structure, you land in the water. As a matter of fact, my family and friends find this very fun and interesting. Often times we will jump into the water and do flips or cannonballs into the lake.

These types of trampolines are also great because they are perfect for adults and children to bounce on at the same time. Often times, regular trampolines can get crowded quickly and having adults and children on at the same time can be dangerous.

Top Brands

Some of the top brands of water trampolines that you will be able to find are made by Rave Sports and Aquaglide, though there are other smaller brands like Island Hopper that make quality trampolines as well,

Time To Buy!

Now that you have a solid amount of information on trampolines for the water and how great they can be for your family, I will tell you what to look for when you are buying your trampoline for water purposes.

1. Consider How Much You’re Willing to Spend

As with most things in life, the more you spend, the more you will get out of your trampoline. While this can often times mean quality, in terms of trampoline systems it also means functionality as well. Many water trampolines have integrated systems and are more than just a bounce area.

For example, trampolines by Rave and Aquaglide are known for their attached slides, runway platforms and launching pads that each company offers in addition to the trampoline platform itself. These extra’s can considerably add to the cost of a water trampoline and you could expect to pay a few thousand dollars for this type of setup. However, if you are looking for something simple and basic, you can also spend only a few hundred dollars for a simple, yet amazingly fun, trampoline platform by itself.

2. Consider Where You Will be Using it

For some, you can get an inflatable trampoline that you can take with you to the reservoir or lake. These will require a high-pressure air pump that will allow you to quickly fill up the trampoline, but it’s great for traveling.

3. Getting a Trampoline that You Can Install Permanently

This is what my family has, as we live on a lake and have the trampoline installed just off our dock. If you travel more and want to take your trampoline with you, considered the first option, while you can consider the latter if you are looking for a stationary trampoline.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a trampoline for the water, go out and pick one up! These will add hours upon hours of fun to your water activities and be fun for the whole family to use.

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