Revamping An Old Trampoline Into A Swing Bed

Do you own a trampoline? Like other devices, after a while a trampoline wears out. This is even true when you clean the trampoline periodically and maintain it properly. However, after a while your trampoline will be on its last leg. If that happens then you’ll have to decide what to do with the old trampoline.

The most obvious option would be to toss the trampoline at the local dumpster. While this is an easy option, it’s definitely not the best “green” choice. While the parts might be reused for various purposes, most of the units will likely end up wasted.

Converting Trampolines’ Bounce into Beds


An alternative to throwing out the trampoline is to use it as a swing bed. This is a great way to reuse the device and transform it into a useful tool for your everyday life.

There are many options when using the trampoline for this purpose. For example, there are designer loungers that you can hang from a room’s ceiling or tree branches.

The Right Trampoline for the Right Swing Bed

There are also loungers that are boat-inspired. They sit up in the treetops. If you’re interested in using your old trampoline for this purpose, you can create your own version. There are tons of different options. It’s just a matter of considering the look and feel you want to create, as well as your personal tastes.

There are even different options in terms of where you get the trampoline. For example, you could use a trampoline that you already own. This is probably one of the best options as you won’t have to worry about where to get the trampoline for the swing bed.

Another option would be to use a second-hand trampoline.

There are a few things to consider if you choose this option. It’s important to make sure the trampoline is in decent shape. If it’s secondhand then there’s a greater chance that the trampoline could be so damaged that it wouldn’t be worth using as a swing bed.  It’s advisable to consider having an expert examine the trampoline to determine whether or not it could be transformed into a bed.

Do It Yourself or Hiring a Pro

Another important issue when recycling a trampoline into a swift bed is to determine whether you’ll be doing the conversion yourself as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project, or whether you’ll be hiring a professional who has experience doing it.

Which one should you choose?

There’s a right or wrong method. However, you should definitely consider whether or not you can handle the project. For example, if you don’t have a lot of experience doing DIY projects and especially those involving trampoline conversions, then you should probably consider getting a professional to handle it.

How much time do you have to do the conversion?

Even if you have the know-how for such conversions, you might not have the time to complete the DIY project. If that’s the case, it’s another reason to consider hiring a professional.

However, if you have the knowledge, experience, and time to convert an old trampoline into a swing bed, then it’s definitely something you should consider. There are so many benefits provided by taking this step, which makes it a great option if you want to conserve the Earth’s resources and enjoy doing a fun weekend DIY project.

Experts recommend that to keep the trampoline frame might have to be leveled by adding extra side-to-side reinforcement before adding padding. It’s important to do a test before you take this step.

It’s also important to run the suspension ropes under the pad and over the sides in order to reduce sagging. This is a better option instead of attaching them to the frame of the trampoline.

In addition, it’s also important to select ropes that ceiling beams can carry the loads that are estimated. This is important to make sure that they’ll be sturdy enough to support the trampoline after it’s converted into a bed. On the other hand, if that’s not the case then you could have some problems, which is a situation you likely want to avoid.

Why Convert a Recreational Device into a Suspended Bed?

Why should you even consider this option for an old trampoline? It’s a great idea because it’s an easy and effective way to build a new bed without the usually high cost of purchasing a brand new unit.

Besides that, there’s something to be said about a swing bed that is suspended above the ground. It gives you a great chance to relax when there’s a light breeze.

One option is to purchase swing beds that are purpose-built. However, the problem is that they can be quite expensive. If you’re on a shoestring budget then you might be interested in looking for options such as a DIY project. That’s why you should definitely consider the option if you want to make it into a basic DIY project.

Step-by-Step Makes the Bed

Building a swing bed is definitely easier than you might assume. What’s critical is to take the right steps so it’s done properly.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Cut the trampoline so it’s the right size
  2. Cover up the springs
  3. Cover up the mat
  4. Hang up the bed using ropes
  5. Hang up the bed
  6. Decorate the bed

These are the basic steps you’ll need to follow in order to build your own swing bed from an old trampoline. After you’re done with the conversion, you can lie down and enjoy the trampoline bed and enjoy some well-earned chillax time after a tough day at the office or at home. Not only that, but it’s also a great option for the environment since you’ll help to reduce the amount of garbage produced on Earth. This is definitely an important issue if you’re looking for a way to enjoy home furnishings that leave minimal carbon footprints.

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