The Basics of Trampoline Tricks: Impress Your Friends

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Trampolines provide many of us with hours of fun and entertainment. Some of the more entertaining aspects of trampolines are the assortment of trampoline tricks that can be performed on the larger trampolines. These trampolines often include any trampoline measuring 12-feet or larger. The amazing bounce provided by these trampolines propels us high into the air where a number of astounding moves are possible.

Below you can find the basics of performing these many tricks. These are not all the tricks available, just a beginner’s course.

If you are having trouble performing any of these trampoline tricks just try to increase your air and speed of rotation. Those are usually the main components that give people trouble when they are trying to do some tricks. Increase those two things and the tricks get much easier.

Beginner Trampoline Tricks

Trampoline Tricks for beginner

Spinning trampoline tricks include those tricks that involve rotating or spinning your body until you reach a certain point. These tricks are good starting points since they are not too terribly difficult and are not very risky.

The 180 Spin

The 180 Spin trampoline trick is a basic trick that merely involves you spinning your body until your face backward from your starting point.

The 360 Spin

The 360 Spin trampoline trick is a more rigorous version of the 180 spin. You must spin your body all the way around until you face the direction that you started from. If you find that you cannot complete the spin, try making your body “tighter”. This means holding your arms in closer to your body to increase the spin speed.

Tuck Jumps

The Tuck Jump is one of the easiest Trampoline Tricks to perform. To do a Tuck Jump, start by standing on the trampoline with your arms at your sides. Bend your knees slightly, then quickly jump straight up in the air, bringing your knees as close to your chest as you can. Land on the trampoline and land softly so you don’t hurt yourself. That’s all there is to it!

To make this move easier, you can try lowering your arms while you’re in the air to avoid having them hit your legs; even beginners have trouble with this one, so be careful! This move can also be done from a running start instead of jumping up from standing still.

Double Bounce

This trick is one of the easiest to learn because it doesn’t require you to jump very high. To do this, position yourself in front of the trampoline and make sure your feet are planted firmly on the ground. Now bend your knees slightly and jump up with both feet evenly. When you are about two-thirds of the way up, bend your knees again. Then push off with both feet, throwing them forward and up as high as you can. Repeat this process until you can land on the trampoline again.

Somewhat Difficult Trampoline Tricks

These trampoline tricks get a little more difficult. You must have a certain degree of coordination to perform these tricks. You may not get these on your first attempt, but a little practice will have you doing these with no problem.

Front Flip

The front flip is a staple of trampoline tricks everywhere. All this requires is to get a moderate amount of air and rotate forward while jumping. Tuck your legs and head to create a tight ball while rotating. After a few tries you will be able to predict your jump and when you should release your legs so you will land on your feet.

Back Flip

The back flip is simply the reverse of a front flip. Use the same basic technique as a front flip, but rotate backward. I used to have issues with these flips when I was younger. There is just something about rotating backward that didn’t seem natural to me.

Side Flip

Landing on your feet in a side flip is the most common way to finish. To do this you’ll begin with a back layout and bring your legs over in a circle while flipping, then land with your feet together. It’s important to pull your legs over, rather than kick them out to the side. The easiest way to practice this is to lay on your back and pull yourself up, using the momentum of the swing to bring your legs over and into a somersault.

Knee Flip

This is exactly what it sounds like. You jump high enough so when you go down and land on your knees, you will have a good bounce. This should propel you high enough to do a front flip and land back on your feet. This looks pretty cool if you can get a series of these going around the trampoline surface.

The Back Pullover

A back pullover is a popular trampoline trick that involves going from a back handspring to a back tuck. The move requires a great deal of strength in the legs, core and upper body. It also requires balance, flexibility and control.

A back pullover is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: You’re pulling your body over the top of the trampoline mat in the opposite direction that you jumped in. To do this trick, you’ll need to have enough momentum to complete the flip and then get your feet on the mat to complete the tuck.

You can start this trick while standing at either end of the trampoline or while lying down in a handstand position. When starting from standing, jump up into an arch with your arms stretched out above your head and land on your back with your arms fully extended behind you. From here, perform either one or two flips before landing in an attempt at pulling your legs all the way over your head and onto the mat behind you for a full tuck landing.

When starting from a handstand position, you’ll need to do a single flip before landing on your back and extending your legs over your head for the tuck landing.

Advanced Trampoline Tricks

Thesetrampoline tricks are fairly difficult and may require quite a bit of practice. Don’t be worried if you don’t get them on your first few attempts (or a few hundred in my case). With practice and perseverance you will have them down in no time. These types of tricks may be dangerous on other surfaces, but fortunately the soft landing provided by trampolines greatly reduces that risk.

The 720 Flip

Okay, this is very difficult. First, you have to do a normal forward flip twice before landing. Doesn’t sound that hard does it? Well, the problem is getting enough bounce and rotation speed to be able to accomplish this. If you are having issues landing this trick, try a partner to provide a double bounce. That should give you plenty of air to complete this maneuver.

Back Flip to Back Handspring

To do this trampoline trick you must start a backflip. In the middle of the backflip, put your hands out like you are doing a handspring. Now, push yourself off the trampoline mat with your hands and complete the flip so you land on your feet. Those in gymnastics will probably think this is a fairly simple trick. It took me forever.

Double Back Flip

This is the same thing as the 720 Flip trampoline trick. Now, you are doing it backward. You must use the same basic premise to complete this trick. Get big air and tight rotation to complete this trick.

Trampoline Tricks Video

Here is a compilation of some of the trampoline tricks described above. Watch this video to get an idea of what you can do on a trampoline. Some of these tricks are done without a trampoline, but don’t worry about that. Focus on those tricks that are performed on the trampoline. Some of these are really good and might make your jaw drop.

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