Dos And Don’ts When Using A Trampoline

As human beings, no matter how old we are, it is our nature to never stop trying to reach beyond our boundaries. That’s why we lovetrampolines. Bouncing on them, we can experience the feeling of freedom –freedom from gravity.

Having Fun With Trampoline

Atrampolinecould be a form offamily entertainment. We spend quality time with our beloveds either indoors when it’s raining outside or in the garden on Sunday mornings enjoying the fresh air and practicing touching the sky. This physical activity is suitable for kids, adults, and even the elderly so grandparents can join their grandchildren at ease. The “physical” fun is not only about jumping feet, but also aboutlaughing mouths. And laughter brings health.

Besides, we can have a lot of fun on the trampolineacting crazywith friends. We can do simple jumps with funny postures and make memorable videos.

For more experienced and skillful players, you can perform more complicated moves of twists and somersaults, which earns you a huge amount of views and likes on social networks. We can also capture the most incredible moments of our pets. Especially, if you don’t have a lot of time to walk your dogs, they still have a happy time running and jumping on the trampoline.

Having Fun With Trampoline

Being Safe On A Trampoline

Despite the amazing joy, action activities involvepotentialdangers. Bouncing up and down on a trampoline is not an exception. No matter how carefully researchers study and design this device, they could never anticipate all possible situations that may happen during playtime.

In fact, most injuries occur on those trampolines installed at home. Professional organizations like clubs and gyms always implement safety protocols. Therefore, we should know the basic safety proceduresto minimize all the risks.

User Requirements:

  • KID TRAMPOLINESare designed for kids above the age of four. For kids under four years old, it is already quite a challenge for them to keep balance as walking, let alone to keep balance as jumping on such an unsteady surface. Don’t forget that this recommended age is just forkid trampolines which are specially designed for little bones and tender jumps. This type of trampoline usually has a comfortable handle, a small soft mat and surrounding nets to guarantee comfort and safety.
  • For users over eight years old, there are no strict rules of which type of device is suitable for which age, but adult supervision is a MUST. Kids always get too much excited when it comes to action time. We must be there to control their jumping and forbid any attempts of performing somersaults. Your kids may invent new moves to test their ability! We should guide their creativity in a smart way and stop those risky intentions. If your kids wish to practice cool moves, send them to professional organizations to be trained properly.

Before Use:

Do not Put the Equipment Near ANYTHING.

No furniture allowed to be near the trampoline; if the equipment is outside, stay away from walls, trees, power poles and fences. Sometimes we put a stool or a chair to get on the mat easily and forget to take it away before playing. Players may hit such hard objects when they try too harsh and jump off the trampoline.

Before use, check if EVERYTHING is in position and cover the metal structures with safety pads.

By everything, we mean EVERYTHING. All the springs and bolts need checking and tightening. If some springs are stretched or corroded, they need to be replaced right away. That’s why we may want to prepare qualified provisions in advance.

In addition, if the metal structures are open to the air, our kids are likely to land on the steel frame or get their legs and arms caught between the springs! Get goose bumps and chills already?

Fear of danger is necessary.

Safety pads are always needed. Remember, the color of the pads needs to be in contrast with that of the mat. Then, we can easily spot out if the pads are in good condition and adequately placed.

Make Sure NOTHING is Under the Mat.

If we jump too harsh and there is something under the mat, we may hurt the body parts that land on it. It’s really a disaster if those are the neck, back, and joints. Please make sure that the surrounding nets don’t cover space under the mat, because you may not notice things that should not be there. Your dog may find a happy place to sleep and bad things are going to happen…

Remove Jewelry and EVERYTHING in the Pockets.

While jumping, the sharp jewelry may cut our face, or even worse, our pupils. Things in the pockets are likely to fall out. Consequently, we land on them, causing bruises and unnecessary injuries.

During Play Time:

  • One player at a time.Kids always want to say “It’s my turn.” A kid may try to get on the mat while another kid is jumping on it. They will hit one another and, for sure, get seriously injured. NOmultiple jumping is allowed at all.
  • Remind the kids to land in the center of the mat.This is VERY important. A lot of accidents occur because the kids land at the edges of the mat and jump off the trampoline or hit the steel frame. You can use chalk to mark the center point so that your kids can practice controlling their moves.
  • Stop jumping if there are any signs of medical problems.If you feel tired, sick or dizzy, you’re having a headache or a stomach ache, stop jumping and leave the mat. That’s why adult supervision is needed. Not only kids and old people but also adults themselves need monitoring.

Although there are a lot ofDosandDon’tswhen using atrampoline, we should not be afraid of this wonderful invention. It brings us not onlyjoyful momentsof laughing and bonding with our beloveds, but also manyhealth benefitsas long as thesafety procedureis always seriously taken into consideration.

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