JumpSport Elite Trampoline Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Jumpsport is a reliable manufacturer in the industry. All their products are of high quality, as you will see the elite trampolines in three diameter sizes.

It also includes a basketball set so you can extend the fun. Being in the higher price range, these items are among the top choices of customers who trust the popularity of the brand. If you want to learn more about them too, keep reading our detailed review.

JumpSport Elite Trampoline

This is a great choice at a lower price than the other models in its category so it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Although it has a shorter warranty period, it is said to be an excellent product.

What is “PowerBounce”?


“Powerbounce” is a technology to improve shock absorption and bounce performance.

The core of the “PowerBounce system” is the patented TripleStage-DualSpring of JumpSport ™ assembling.

Each “PowerBounce” trampoline assembly consists of two cross connected springs installed on the “PowerArm” fitting. Upper main spring locking power arm ™ Insert the V-ring and the lower BoosterSpring ™ at the same time. Then connect to one of the three stages of PowerArm – top, middle, or bottom settings. By changing these settings, the trampoline can be adjusted according to different ages, weights or skill levels.

Construction and Materials

This item isavailable in three diameter sizes, 10 feet, 12 feet, and 14 feet, so that you can choose the one you need and that you have room for.

However, the PowerBounce version is only available on the 14′ so if you want a good boost, that is the model to go with. Each frame is heavy-duty galvanized steel coated with blue powder, which increases its attractive design and prevents rust.

Construction and Materials

1. Stability

There is no need to worry about stability due to the steel tubing that adds to the sturdiness of the trampoline. Also, there isthe steel Sure-Lock system that keeps the entire frame from moving and twisting under impactso no matter how high you jump, the trampoline stays up.

2. W-shaped Legs

For added support, there are 4 wide W-shaped legs that connect to 8 safety poles signed to provide stability and to prevent falling. The entire frame ispadded with a thick dark blue cover made of a 1-inch thick PVC that is extremely durable.

3. Mat

Moreover,the trampoline jumping mat is 35” high for increased ground clearance. Permatron fabric used to make mats have higher UV resistance and are suitable for use all year round. The cushion is fixed to the frame with ten lines of suture, so it can be used for a longer time. The 14′ mat provides a 113 sq. ft. jumping spaceso your kids and all their friends can have fun together.

4. Springs

The JumpSport Elite products are equipped with 8.5” long springs that are both strong and expandable, providing the proper amount of bounce. Their number varies according to the diameter of each trampoline, sothe 10′ has 72 springs, the 12′ has 88 springs, the 14′ has 96 springs, and the 14′ PowerBounce has no less than 128 springs. The springs and the mat are connected through steel V-rings and looped straps that provide durability. The enclosure net is placed on the interior of the edge so that you will not get into contact with the springs.



The design modifications of this product make it a lot easier to install than other models of its kind.

The Unitized design makes installation a breeze for two adults that are required for safely handling and assembling it but the process should run smoothly in about an hour without adding necessary tools. The enclosure net that is mounted internally is easier and faster to attach so it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to place it on the poles and the springs.

JumpSport Elite Basketball Trampoline Package Specs

Overall Dimensions (inch)94 x 72 x 22
Frame Height35”
Number Of Legs6
Jumping Surface Area113 sq. ft.
Springs128– 8.5”
Weight Capacity240 lbs
Frame ConstructionGalvanized steel
Weight307 lbs

Safety in Use

Safety in Use

Due to the high quality of the materials used to build trampolines, the elite trampoline is considered to be one of the safest models for adults and children. Although the age group is not specified, we can tell you that each size has a generous weight limit.

The 10′ can hold 210 lbs, the 12′ supports 235 lbs while the largest one was tested at 240 lbs. However, all sizes are guaranteed to withstand even higher weights so even if you exceed that limit, you will not be put at risk.


This is a package composed of a trampoline anda basketball hoop and a ball so this is the accessory you will receive with your order. All the other AlleyOOP and JumpSport items that are compatible with the bouncer need to be purchased separately, including the helpful ladder. This is a major drawback compared to competitive models that include multiple accessories at a fraction of this one’s price.

Warranty and Durability

Not all products designed by JumpSport enjoy the same warranty so although other models like the AlleyOOP.

For example, are warranted for life, the Elite comes with a much shorter period of time. The steel in the frame and the poles is backed by a 15-year warranty while the springs and the fabric in the mat are protected for 5 years. The mat stitching is covered for 3 years, the enclosure net only for 2 years, and the pad features an 18-month warranty.

All the accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty. This is an average time that will surely offer you peace of mind and the certainty that your investment will be looked after.

JumpSport Elite Trampoline

Product Description: The Elite trampoline is a great trampoline for any home, with a high weight limit and sturdy frame. It's not the largest trampoline, but it will suit you well if you are looking for a way to burn off some energy in the backyard.



JumpSport trampolines are designed with quality and durability in mind. They give your child a safe place to jump with all the extra energy they have. You can send them outside to play without having to worry about them getting hurt.


  • User-friendly
  • Easily add accessories
  • Good safety
  • 15-year frame warranty


  • Expensive

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