How To Keep the Trampoline In Excellent Condition

Do you own a trampoline? It can be a great tool for kids, teens, and adults who are looking for an effective way to exercise should definitely consider it. That’s because it provides a great cardio and weight-resistance exercise that can help to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Many people are rediscovering the great benefits of indoor/outdoor trampolines.

However, as with any other device, they don’t last forever. That’s why you should consider taking steps to help maintain your trampoline and keep it in good working order. There are many steps you can take to maintain and trampoline.

Keeping Trampolines Up and Jumping

It’s critical to keep your trampoline maintained well from the first day you use it. This will help to increase how long the unit will last. This includes the various parts of the unit including the mat, springs, legs, and other parts.

By using proper long-term care for the trampoline you can increase how long the trampoline lasts.

Here are some of the best tips for maintaining your trampoline:

1. Sweep and Clean Your Trampoline

Sweep and Clean Your Trampoline

It’s important to sweep your trampoline often. Even if it looks clean, there could be bits of dust, dirt, and other debris that can get stuck on the trampoline’s mat.

It doesn’t take much time to sweep the trampoline, but it’s definitely a step you should consider taking often in order to keep the trampoline as clean as possible.

Besides that, you should also use a soft-bristle brush from time with warm, soapy weather in order to give the trampoline’s surface a good scrub-down.

After scrubbing the mat you just have to use a garden hose to rinse the trampoline. Make sure that it’s been rinsed completely so there’s no residue on the trampoline, which could cause people to slip.

Not only that, but even after you dry the trampoline using clean, dry rags you should let sunlight finish drying the trampoline to make sure that the process is complete.

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How often should you scrub the trampoline?

It depends on how much use the trampoline gets. However, as a general rule, it should be every two weeks or once a month depending on how much use the device gets.

Keep in mind that just because the trampoline looks clean doesn’t mean that it is.

In fact, various particles on the surface can cause the unit to get slippery, which can result in accidents or injuries. You don’t want that, right? In order to avoid such situations simply clean the surface of the trampoline periodically.

2. Put the Trampoline in the Proper Place

This might seem to have nothing to do with the lifespan of a trampoline, but is quite important for maintaining the device.

Put the Trampoline in the Proper Place

Make sure that you avoid putting the trampoline in a place where the trampoline could get damaged, or the jumpers could get injured.

Some examples include near fences, under low-hanging tree branches, and so on. You should also consider placing the trampoline under shade and out of direct sunlight as UV rays can do damage to the trampoline, let alone the trampoline users.

It’s interesting to note that putting the trampoline in the proper place can also help to protect the unit from some unexpected damage. That includes leaves and sticks that are burned during the autumn.

Not only that, but even smoke from BBQs and other sources could also do damage to the trampoline.

Basically, the goal should be to place the trampoline in a place where it will be safe from such sources. It’s important because your trampoline is a major investment, so you should take steps to prevent damage. There’s that old saying that prevention is better than cure, for example.

3. Check the Warranty Coverage

This is important. A quality trampoline will offer a good warranty that’s valid for a limited period of time. Make sure to keep the warranty in a place where you can get to it easily in case there are any issues and you’ll need to use it.

Retail stores and trampoline manufacturers might offer repairs, exchanges, or even replacements for your device. Sometimes you can get extra warranty coverage that offers more than the manufacturer’s warranty. That can definitely be a plus if you want to maintain your trampoline and keep it for a long time.

One key feature of the warranty is that the manufacturer or the retailer can inform you if there are any recalls/updates via your contact information. However, if you’re worried about unsolicited calls or e-mail you can definitely opt out of such programs.

4. Waterproof the Trampoline

This is critical for trampolines that are used outdoors.

For example, you might want to use the trampoline year-round. If that’s the case then it’s critical to weather-proof the trampoline, and especially if you live in areas with extreme weather such as hot summers or cold winters.

Waterproof the Trampoline

The good news is that a high-quality trampoline will include a frame that’s rust-resistant, as well as a strong mat. These are helpful in making it easier to maintain the trampoline.

However, you should still consider taking steps to weather-proof the unit. You could remove the mat every fall and leave the frame in the same area.

You could store the springs in a plastic container. Then you’ll just need to boil them in the spring season so they’ll be ready to go.

You can also take steps to keep leaves and snow off the trampoline. You could roll the trampoline unit’s ring on its side. Then lean it up against a sturdy fence or tree. That will help to keep stuff off the trampoline.

Make sure that no sharp objects are near the trampoline as they could cause damage to the device.


As with any other product you buy, it’s critical to take steps to maintain your trampoline properly. These are some of the most helpful tips to help you achieve that goal.

It will help to prevent your needing to replace your trampoline sooner rather than later, so you’ll have more years of jumping fun.

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